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Vision isn't clear and glasses aren't helping? No one understands what's wrong?

Clear Vision Foundation

There are many components to vision which must function correctly to produce clear, undistorted sight. Vision problems very often are more than just blurring- there may be distortions, defects, double vision or problems under certain lighting conditions such as while driving at night.

Vision loss that is caused by ocular disease is often discovered too late to restore normal visual function. Frequently, significant impairment remains after treatment, and persons who seek rehabilitation after vision loss often experience obstacles and frustration.

The Clear Vision Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is supported entirely by tax-deductible contributions of friends and corporations.


Patients and their regular eye care providers often know little about low vision services and their availability. Moreover, providers who specialize in low vision rehabilitation are few and often deliver limited care because of the lack of reimbursement by medical insurance for their services or for the prescribed low vision aids.

Many times well-wishing friends, family, or even eye doctors may not give you the help you need simply because they don’t understand your vision problems. In truth they can’t see the world through your eyes.